Saluda Mill

West Columbia, South Carolina



Mailbox posts must be purchased from: 

  Hammond Metal Fabricators
  424 Shelton Road
  West Columbia, SC 29170

  Single Mailbox - $400.00 – INSTALLED
  Double Mailbox - $600.00 – INSTALLED ($300.00 PER HOUSEHOLD)
  New Box - $25.00 ea.
  Grind off rust, prime, paint satin black and new box -  $165.00 Single

                                                                                       $195.00 Double 

Please remember that any changes to the exterior of your home require prior approval from the Saluda Mill HOA. 

Some types of projects which require approval are:

  • Changing the color of your front door or shutters
  • Adding a storm door
  • Installing window treatments without the neutral colored backing
  • Installing a satellite dish
  • Installing solar power equipment
  • Installation of a flagpole or other exterior attachment
  • Replacing windows
  • Adding/enclosing porches and other structures

These are only a few examples.  For a complete list, please consult the Saluda Mill Covenants and Restrictions which you should have received with the purchase of your home.   These guidelines are in place to protect the integrity of our neighborhood which in turn helps to maintain the resale value of your home.

Please allow up to four weeks for your request form to be processed.  While some requests can be resolved quickly, others may require research or review by outside experts which can take additional time. 

Installation without prior written approval from the HOA may result in a fine to the homeowner and/or the possible removal of the unapproved item at the homeowner’s expense.

Normal maintenance that does not change the appearance of your home, such as repainting the original color of your shutters or exterior door, does not require prior approval.  Changing to a different approved color does require review.

Saluda Mill Exterior Paint Colors

for Shutters & Doors

Original ColorUpdated Color
Sherwin Williams
7034 Status Bronze
2926 Iron Gate7675 Seal Skin
2927 Weather Vane
6013 Bitter Chocolate
2923 Bramble Bush6041 Otter
2924 Woodsy Brown

6013 Bitter Chocolate

or 7510 Chateau Brown

2934 Clover6468 Hunt Club
2935 English Ivy6468 Hunt Club
2936 Black Emerald6216 Jasper
2913 Classy Red6321 Red Bay
2914 Vermillion7583 Wild Current
2915 Sundried Tomato7585 Sundried Tomato
Lowe's Valspar Paints
5011-2 Very Black
1011-5 Royal Garnet
1011-9 Rare Wine
6011-5 Aged Pine
4011-4 Royal Navy